In addition to our shop on 8 Newington Green Road, KHP Coffee House can also be hired to serve you the best artisan coffee, delicious snacks, and homemade cakes using high quality products on your premises or at an event, barista style. You can also hire our brick room at KHP Social for your parties.


We will work with you to find the best option that meets your requirements, delights your guests and fits your budget.

Barista training workshops will be held in the shop on a quarterly basis.  They will include topics such as, cupping and sensory, latte art, brewing, understanding the bean and the importance of having the right equipment.  All workshops will be run by a certified master barista. (training schedule to be announced)

KHP Social


The story begins four years ago when I started work as a supervisor at a popular London espresso bar. Like most of us, I’ve always loved a good cup of coffee, but after delving deeply into this caffeinated world I began to realise that this is where my true passion lies.


So armed with an obsession for customer service and crafting that perfectly delicious cup of coffee, I thought it was time for a new challenge: time to open my very own coffee shop and mobile coffee company.


It has been a long journey to get here, and I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing friends and talented baristas, each as crazy about those little brown beans as I am, and with their skills and smiles behind me, I made my dream a reality.


Tamper and coffee grinder ready to go, come visit us at our coffee house or hire us for any event that can use our customised service. Our ethos is all about quality, specialism and crafting the best cup of java!


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Flat White



Roasters from around the world

We feature 3 to 4 roasters from around the world, served as V60 drip

Tea/Hot Chocolate

Chai Latte: masala, cardamom, vanilla, and lemongrass

Matcha Latte

Spiced Latte

Turmeric Latte

Charcoal Latte

Hot Chocolate: dark, milk, and white

Birchall Specialty Teas: english breakfast, chamomile, earl grey, green tea, green tea & peach, lemongrass & ginger, organic redbush, and red berry & flower

Homemade organic cakes and pastries

Selection of croissants, muffins, brownies, and a daily variety of cakes and cookies

Sandwiches, savory snacks and soup

Freshly made options available daily


KHP Coffee House is proud to announce our next exhibit - LONDON COMMUTING by Rebecca Holton.


Rebecca completed a 5 year MA (Hons) Fine Art at Edinburgh University and moved to London to work successfully in branding and advertising for 9 years. She moved to Asia for 6 years and it was this move, hand-in-hand with motherhood, which bought her back to her own figure art, and true passion. 


This marks Rebecca’s first UK exhibition since returning from Asia, and much of her work is heavily influenced by Japan - pared back to simple line, flat colour and graphic pattern. Rebecca now works hand-in-hand with her partners just outside Kyoto, Japan - and, indeed, her first Japanese-inspired hanging scrolls are due to come out in the new year. ‘Returning to London after 6 years in Asia makes you look at it differently'.


This series observes London’s commuters in my daily life around North London. As the series developed, I realised it did not only capture London people and their travel habits, but also London fashion, culture, technology and taste; a mini time-capsule of London travel in Summer 2018.’

5% of every work sold this Christmas will be donated to the local Islington charity; Friends of the Rose Bowl.

The Rose Bowl Youth Club “runs exciting and innovation programs to reach out to disengaged children and young people, offering a real alternative to hanging around on the streets with all the issues that can follow.”

  • Each artwork on display in is one of ten limited edition giclee prints.

  • After printing the works are then hand-embellished so that each print is, in fact, unique.

  • The prints are sold unframed, and range between £195 and £265 each. 

  • Large postcards of each artwork are also available for £4.50 each.

Visit her site at:

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